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For those who are new to gardening, we recommend that you start your gardening journey...

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Wild flowers are ‘pure breed’ flowers that grow in the wild. These flowers were not...

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Since the state of Idaho experiences such extreme weather patterns each year, it boasts a wide...

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Welcome To Cedera Seed Inc.

Do you have some landscaping problems? Are you looking to get a new lawn done? Or are you perhaps a landscaping enthusiast looking for some grass seeds or wild flower seeds? No matter what you want, if you’re located in or around Swan Valley, ID, you have definitely come to the right place. Your search for all things having to do with lawn creation and maintenance ends here!

Idaho is a state that has much variation in it’s climate, with a high of 98 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with the high altitude and the possibility of drought, this massive variation in climate can make plant and lawn creation and maintenance a tough job for those of us living in Idaho.

Don’t fret! We are here to help you. We come armed with years of accumulated knowledge regarding all things related to plants, lawns and seeds. With many, many, years of experience, our friendly experts here at Cedera Seed Inc. will help you solve your problems easily. In fact, most of the locally grown seeds, wild flower seeds and native grass seeds we have here will grow into rather low maintenance plants!

Here at Cedera Seed Inc., we have a wide range of grass seeds, wild flower seeds, native seeds, and many more! We are a one stop destination for your gardening needs, catering to a wide array of people - be it retired persons looking into gardening as a hobby, home owners looking into creating a new lawn for their home, home owners looking into maintaining and up-keeping their lawns, or even for the full-blown landscaping enthusiast!

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